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Christmas Window Art

26 Nov

Thought I would touch base on Christmas art, since now is when people decorate for the holidays.

I have rattled quite a few coins this time of year in the past and it is just as popular now as it has always been. Holiday window art is easy , fast and pays well for the time involved.

All you need is a few simple inexpensive tools, a few colors of cheap enamel paint ( red, green etc.) and a quart of cheap white latex paint, indoor or outdoor, either will work fine.  get yourself  a few of the cheap foam rubber brushes and a few chunks of old foam rubber from an old cushion.

Some folks ask me to use water soluble paints, i don’t and I will tell you why. Water soluble  paints, if they try to wash it off after the  holidays just makes a mess and stains the concrete under it. So I use the enamels and regular latex paint. When it is time to remove it, just use a razor blade scraper and it peels off easy. Then sweep it up and remove, no messy stuff to deal with and you or whoever if finished.

Now I will give you an idea of things I have painted and how I did them. For instance I would take a 3 inch foam brush (that is if it was a large window) And just paint Merry Christmas, Under that sometimes I would add Happy New Year also in Red. I will come back to this in a few as it has dried somewhat later. While that was drying I would paint a Christmas tree or anything Chrismasy, angels, deer, Santa or whatever I felt like at the time. Always trying to stay with the Christmas themes and colors

Well now the fun begins, take a piece  of your foam rubber  (softball size or larger) and lightly dip in the white latex paint for the snow and ice effect. Use a dabbing motion on all the tops of the letters in Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, including all of your horizontal strokes as well. This gives that winter wonderland affect that sets it off. After that is done you can use the foam rubber with the white to add snowmen or snow across the bottom. I even add snowflakes spaced among everything using the corner of the foam rubber.

What ever you paint this method of painting works great  and is fast. If it doesn’t look real pro, don’t worry , this type of art will except some one just learning, no problem it’s the thought they want to get across nothing more.

If you want to ask me  any questions go to my website below and enter the support link and send me a message. There is an area for your website , just put any url in it and it will work for you.

I hope this may help you, if your just learning sign painting. Like I said if you need some guidance just give me a shout and please   me a comment and let me know what you  think.

Thanks and God Bless, James Chastain