Sublimation Printing

25 Feb

This is something I thought some folks might be interested in, Sublimation Printing. It is really unique, my son has the equipment to do this type of printing and I really got into it. The affects you can achieve with sublimation printing are different than any other kind of printing.

GENERAL PROCESS  of sublimation printing is fairly simple.

Things you will need are really not that many, but relatively expensive. The heat transfer ink cost about as much as the printer it self, but goes a long way unless you get to having fun and print a bunch of stuff experimenting with it. ( like we did) So you need computer software for fonts and graphics , such as Serif or Photoshop, there’s many available. you will also need a sublimation printer which prints on special heat transfer paper. then you will need a heat transfer  press for flat surfaces. they are heat transfer wraps for mugs, plus others for various applications.

The affect you achieve using sublimation is akin to a ceramic glaze on plates and other flat objects you transfer on an last much longer than traditional printing or painting.

You can put anything on them and my favorite is cutting an image from the background inserting it into a different background or framing it in frame  and printing on solid color background.

Just remember to to flip it horizontally before printing on the paper so when you put it face down on the material your using it will print right and not backwards.

Thanks, hope you enjoyed this topic


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