There’s a Demand for Sign Artist!

7 Mar

I have met quite a few sign men and I haven’t run across one yet that was caught up. They were all booked well ahead of their work schedule and always had plenty of work.

What I enjoyed the most in the sign business was that every time someone wanted me to paint a sign for them, it was a new challenge . Every sign had it’s own personality, unless you were painting  several of the same sign.

Unlike most 9 to 5  jobs, you could be creative and let your talents flow. You could design a sign or signs with an array of colors and letter styles to conform with the business or personal needs of the consumer.

The one that had the problem here was the person needing a sign. To find someone to actually paint them one, because the actual sign artists ( sign painter) were far between. But if they wanted a computer generated one, these shops were on every corner and the signs that each made looked about the same. No character to them at all, least wise that was the way I saw them.

If anyone was ever considering this trade, now would be an opportune time to get involved. There is no-one training for this specialized art feild to speak of.  It is truly a dying art form, as  many old timers in the biz like myself has observed. If you have a full time job and can’t afford to just quit is understandable, but you could learn and earn while working at your primary job to supplement your present income. Once you become known as a good sign artist, you won’t need that 9 to 5er with the sign work that will be coming to you.

If you want to learn this rare trade, I can help you get started with basic training and it cost you hardly anything. I will share my link to my website and you can see what I have for you. So visit and look around, you are not obligated in the least and I would love to have you as my guest.

While there leave a comment in the guest book and tell me what you think about the sign business and how you would fit in maybe. By the way you don’t have to be a great artist to be a sign painter, but it really helps you to grow faster in the business.

Visit  me here at

Until next time regards, James Chastain


One Response to “There’s a Demand for Sign Artist!”

  1. Kevin Briggs 04/10/2011 at 12:18 #

    Sign painting can be a very rewarding career, and can get your creative juices flowing.

    I am into painting plastic parts and plastic signs.

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