Reverse Glass Painting

9 Jan

I have so much information, I want to share with you and today I am gonna touch bases on reverse glass painting.
Reverse painting is exactly what is implied here. First you only need to do this on clear glass or glass that is slightly tinted, noting that the tint will alter your colors somewhat. The darker tinted glass makes it impossible to see at a distance from the front. deeming it not worth the effort.
So with that said, let’s explore the process of this method of painting. First always clean the glass on both sides to remove any residue. I used white vinegar for this, it removed oily film and tar from smoking etc. better than a regular glass cleaner.
If you have a pattern like mentioned in my last post, you place and tape in place and pounce it onto the glass. If you do not use a pattern, you can use a china marker (grease pencil) to actually draw your letters and art on the front of the glass.
Once this is done, you can then move to the inside and set up for the painting. Depending on the affect you want for example,you paint the main part of the copy first and any secondary color, trim or bands around letters next. If you want to shade the letters, draw this off on the front, after the primary paint has been applied or before if you so choose. Let your base paint that you first applied dry completely before adding ant more paint.This is because when you add a drop shade, you apply it over the whole letter, this makes the letters and art not have transparent areas, giving it a nice smooth affect. This also gives the art a longer lifespan.

I hope this gives you a general idea of how reverse painting is done on the inside of glass.
If you ever have a question about this or any other tip I share with you, please leave a comment and I will answer it, as soon as possible.
Let’s keep sign painting alive, because it is fading very fast.

To your success, James C.


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