Copying Logos or Trademarks

28 Dec

Just a quick update concerning trademarks and logos. If you want one of these on your sign, you can simplify the process easily by making a pattern. If you do not have access to an opaque projector, usually one can be obtained through your local library. Once you do have access to a projector, put the letter head or business card in it and adjust to the size you desire. you can magnify the image as large as you want by placing the projector further back from whatever you projecting upon. The darker the area is that your working in, the clearer the image will be. Use white paper or standard pattern paper, obtainable through a sign supplier to make your pattern.  Use a soft leaded pencil #3 or better and trace the image you have projected.

Okay, now you are ready to finish the pattern by once again tracing your just drawn outline with a pounce wheel. ( pattern cutter ) You can get one of these at most cloth or dress shops. They use them also for dress making and so on. Place you drawing on something fairly soft to get a good cut. I have used a thick piece of pasteboard for this.

Once you have completed this step, get an old cotton sock and pour about half a cup of builders chalk in it. ( blue works best ) Same chalk that is used in a chalk box or chalk line.

Place your pattern where your design is precisely where you want it and tape in place with masking tape. Then gently pounce the chalk laden sock, know as pounce bag on the paper pattern filling the holes made with the pounce wheel, gently rubbing it as you go.

Once you complete the above steps, remove the pattern, you should have an outline just like the ones in a coloring book to follow.

Check back often for more tips about sign painting.

Until next time, I wish you success in your art endeavors.

James Chastain, /



2 Responses to “Copying Logos or Trademarks”

  1. Kellie 08/07/2010 at 12:27 #

    Hi James. Thank you so much for your insight. I am a novice brush letterer and have been looking for guidance. I live in the north east and have found a mentor in Canada. He is having a 3 day lettering boot camp in two weeks. His work was just used in a 1Shot ad so he’s pretty good at the trade. I’ll let you know how it goes. There is also a shop of 5 young sign painters (all by hand) in San Francisco called that I may visit when I go out to the west coast. Thanks for keeping the trade alive. Can you post some pictures of your work?

  2. Dave Mayer 11/07/2010 at 19:48 #


    What a lost art. I’ve got a client that comes into my shop to buy blank banners to hand paint for area churches. It’s been a life long passion. I’ve seen one of his banners and
    what a skill!

    I’ve got an associate who graduated from Columbus School of Art & Design years ago (before things got so electronic with PhotoShop etc.) and he has amazing skills. We just use modern design programs and wide format printing. We paint with an automotive spray system using acryllic polyurethane paints and they look great but don’t have the same soul your hand crafted signs. Keep this skill alive. There’s still people out there that want that handcrafted workmanship…they just don’t come to SIGNARAMA Worthington for it!

    See what we’ve got at and check out the routed signs.

    James, good luck at future endevers! Dave Mayer Owner

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